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In Memoriam



Jerry, a former partner of Hartigan & Hartigan, worked with Charles and Carrie when the firm operated under the name Hartigan, Baird, & Hartigan. He was born in Roanoke, Alabama and attended the University of Alabama in 1964 obtaining his B.S., and subsequently received his J.D. from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1967.

After graduating from law school, he practiced with his father-in-law, the late Gordon Davis, until 1971. He was elected Tuscaloosa County District Judge in 1972 and later appointed Domestic Judge by Governor George Wallace in 1975. In 1976 he was elected without opposition as a Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge. Later, in 1982, his peers elected Jerry as Presiding Circuit Judge for Tuscaloosa County.

After 19 years serving the State of Alabama and Tuscaloosa County, Jerry Baird retired as Judge and went into private practice eventually working with Charles. He was elected as a Pillar of the Bar in April 2010.

He retired from his law practice in March 2011 to go home and be with his loving wife and family. He served his community and state with honor and respect for our legal system for over 44 years.

In March of 2012, Jerry passed away, survived by his wife, Melanie T. Baird, daughters Angie Davis Baird, Lindsay Davis Baird, Suzanna Kate Baird, Lauren Elizabeth Johnson, and Mary Martin Johnson, and his son, Thomas Jordan Baird as well as his grandchildren, Joshua Baird, Allie Baird, Caroline Baird, and John Davis Baird.

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